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HFL e-book club! www.theshortesttallman.com

Hands Free Life e-book club #8

Hi, Shorties! Two more chapters left in my little HFL e-book club! Chapter 8 is about the legacy you leave behind you. However, it may not be what oftentimes is meant by a legacy. It’s not about how long your list of accomplishments is, in resume form. It’s about living your life fully and following your dreams, and inspiring others…

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My review of #onlylovetoday by RMS!!! www.theshortesttallman.com

“Only Love Today” Review: This Is Special.

Hi, Shorties! If you’ve followed me on my FB page at all, you may have read that I was lucky enough to be selected to join Rachel Macy Stafford’s Launch Team for her new book. I find Rachel’s writings to be Important, Relevant, Special- and her newest book, well, it is the perfect next step for any Rachel fan, or…

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Hands Free Life e-book club #4! www.theshortesttallman.com

Hands Free Life e-book club #4

Hi friends! I don’t get a lot of feedback on this blog series, but I just love it so much, I’m forging ahead. It’s good for me, and if anybody is following, or starts to follow, I hope you get as much out of it as I do! The thing about “Hands Free” living is, I need regular reminders. I…

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2017 plans! www.theshortesttallman.com

What’s in store for TST in 2017?

Hi, Shorties! I am really psyched out about my blog for the new year. I’ve been thinking and planning, and here is a little bit of what it is in store for 2017: I recently read, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It has totally helped me come into a new frame of mind with regards to managing the stuff…

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Book Review: The 5 Love Languages of Children

I’m no stranger to reading parenting books; I’ve always said, why not do research on the most important job of your life?  These topics may not be your typical beach read, but I think it’s helpful for one purpose in particular that I’ve been trying to be more mindful of:  mindfulness.  Ha!  But seriously, I have been working towards changing…

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Book Review: “Loving My Actual Life”

This book kept popping up in amazon searches I’ve done for books in the past, all within the “self help” or “parenting” genre.  (I’m a real fun gal to hang out with on the weekends apparently!) I was ordering another item and needed to buy something else to get the free shipping, and I’d been eyeing this a while.  Doesn’t…

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